Terms of reference

  1. The committee will investigate and assess the culture and approach to animal care and welfare at Imperial, including areas such as:
  • Management
  • Operational procedures
  • Reporting structures
  • Supervisory practices
  • Training
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Ethical review

The committee’s investigations will take into account, but not be limited by, the Home Office’s investigations and Imperial’s consideration of the incidents alleged by BUAV.

  1. The committee will conduct interviews, visit facilities and explore with stakeholders involved with animal research at Imperial the approach to the design, implementation and local regulation of animal research. In so doing, the committee will aim to identify areas of best practice and any areas that fall short of best practice.
  2. The committee, where appropriate, may enlist additional expertise to support its deliberations and investigations.
  3. The committee will provide a report to the College, elaborating any areas where practice falls short of standards considered to be at the forefront of animal research and animal welfare standards in the UK. The report will deliver, where appropriate, detailed recommendations for improvements across relevant structures and practices involved in animal research at the College. The committee’s recommendations may also encompass advice on areas of priority to address, as well as potential structures and solutions for improvements.